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You can improve your healthspan and lifespan by stocking up on some of these items - like your Primal Kitchen favorites, get yourself a sauna blanket, or finally get those labs done at Function Health - all at a discount!

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A healthy gut depends on the best of nature and the best of science.

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bon charge

Science-backed wellness products for increased recovery, better sleep, and optimal health. Home to the world's most trusted and optimal blue light blocking glasses for optimal sleep.

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Bristle helps you measure, understand, and improve your oral & overall health with at-home oral microbiome testing and care.

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dr hyman

Find the best supplements from my favorite high-quality brands at our online store with a special 20% off discount.

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FOND brews up ready-to-sip bone broth tonics made the traditional way, slow-simmered for 18 hours in stainless steel kettles with organic fresh herbs and veggies and regenerative, pasture-raised bones. No powders or concentrates here! Their next-level delicious broths are packaged in glass jars and truly delicious to sip or cook with, no extra seasoning required.

20% off sitewide

Function with Dr. Mark Hyman

NEW! Dr. Hyman is launching Function Health to give you access to the first affordable 100+ lab test routine for your whole body, from heart and hormones to immunity and cancer. Each of your results includes detailed insights from Dr. Hyman and other top doctors.

Get Exclusive Pre-Launch Access + $500 Off


HigherDOSE supercharges self-care and boosts holistic recovery with wellness tools designed to ignite vitality. It includes the best-selling Infrared Sauna Blanket, PEMF Mats, Red Light Mask + a Magnesium Ingestibles and Topicals line.

10% off site-wide (Excludes full-size saunas and subscriptions)


Improve your health and well-being with the world's most advanced light therapy device. Target cellular health to reduce pain and enhance recovery with red light therapy from Joovv.

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LyteLine makes premium electrolyte and trace mineral products that focus on high absorption, clean ingredients, and optimum mineral balance.

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primal kitchen

Mark Sisson started Primal Kitchen with a simple mission: to change the way the world eats. Our life and our overall wellness are defined by the thousands of choices we make for ourselves and for our families every day, and choosing real food and investing in your health can lead to a more empowered you. Primal Kitchen condiments and sauces are made with high-quality ingredients that make mealtime easy and delicious, so you can get the most out of life.

20% off

seatopia is a CSA box for certified clean seafood from verified sustainable farms, building a truly regenerative D2C seafood supply chain. Omega-rich, mercury-free, gourmet, sushi-grade seafood, conveniently delivered carbon-neutral direct to your door.

FREE Regenerative Farmed Scallops or Regenerative Kelp Burgers for 1 year!


Sunlighten is the #1 choice when it comes to best-in-class infrared saunas. Each beautiful Sunlighten infrared sauna is crafted with premium, hand-selected wood using flawless construction and innovative technology, a level of detail unmatched in our industry.

Up to $600 off your sauna purchase!

Thrive Market

In today’s world there is a subscription for everything, so why not combine all of those in one with Thrive Market? They’re my one stop shop for my high-quality grocery essentials, nontoxic household cleaning supplies, every day supplements and skincare, and SO much more!

Shopping with Thrive Market means you’ll find everything you’d normally get at your local grocery store, but with Thrive Market you get up to 30% off your favorite health brands, and it’s all delivered right to your door!

Get a FREE $60 gift when you join Thrive Market today!


As featured by Dr. Hyman in Young Forever, the nutrient Urolithin A is a remarkable longevity breakthrough, renewing the cellular energy sources your body depends upon to thrive, your mitochondria. Dr. Hyman's recommended source of Urolithin A, Timeline is the first and only highly pure form of Urolithin A that has been shown in clinical trials to increase cellular energy leading to positive health benefits including increases in muscle strength and endurance, a critical factor in healthy aging.

10% off all Mitopure plans and subscriptions


WHOOP is a fitness wearable and companion app that monitors your sleep, recovery, and daily effort around the clock to deliver actionable insights on how you can unlock your best self. The WHOOP app delivers personalized insights based on your unique data, behaviors, and goals.

15% off any WHOOP membership

Wild Pastures

Wild Pastures is a membership discount club, dedicated to bringing our members the highest quality, pasture-raised, domestic meats at the best possible prices.

We are committed to making better meats available and affordable for everyone.

Our animals are 100% pasture-raised by family farmers right here in the USA using rotational grazing practices on pastures free from pesticides and herbicides. As a result they are healthy and happy.

20% off + free shipping for life (when you subscribe) + $15 off your first order

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